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Digital Sketchbook and Ideas

  • Sketchbook tour .• Fwogs

    Sketchbook tour .• Fwogs

    I purchased a new sketchbook about a month ago and I have been LOVING drawing with traditional media again!! I didn't realize how.......different drawing with pen and pencil on paper felt to drawing on my ipad.  I transitioned away from...

  • Super Secret Project

    Super Secret Project

    So not many of you will see this post. I feel safe posting about this because I know so few people will see this, but most importantly, Sarah (@sarahconnorceramics) won't see that I'm sharing this with anyone! Hahaha We're collaborating...

  • Eel Hydra sketches

    Eel Hydra sketches

    Yes, yes, this is a sketch from the past summer, but I just loved how it turned out so much that I wanted to make a whoe post about it! This was one of those 'push me out of my...

  • New Poni!

    New Poni!

    GumiPoni sketches