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By Bryn Courey

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I purchased a new sketchbook about a month ago and I have been LOVING drawing with traditional media again!! I didn't realize how.......different drawing with pen and pencil on paper felt to drawing on my ipad. 

I transitioned away from sketchbooks after I bought my first ipad pro a few years ago. Not only because my ipad was so expensive that I wanted to get the most bang for my buck, but also because it was so travel-friendly. Since working with traditional media again, I've realized how much better it is for my brain. Not being able to hide work in layers puts ALL my work directly in front of my whole damn face!

It feels like my brain laid out on a paper, rather than my brain in a tower of layers.

It makes such a difference. I'm currently in Boston caring for my sister after she had surgery, so I spent 8 hours just drawing in my sketchbook yesterday. It was...divine. I had a lobster roll and just sat and drew while watching season 2 of Locke and Key. 




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