Hello and welcome!!!

It means the world to me that you are checking out my art!

Everything is made by me!

Every order matters a lot to me!

I proudly ship worldwide!

I'm local…relatively speaking?


More Gumisaurs are coming to the GumiVerse very soon! Keep and eye out

Jumbo Grumpicorns

These are certainly the largest of all the creatures I make. These monster ponies are grumpy and colorful and cool and dorky and I love them sooo much!

Special Edition Ween '20

For GumiWeen 2020, two new Hippoh cousins have arrived! The AnglerFish Hippoh and the Swamp Creature Hippoh!

Can't stop! Won't stop!

I never thought I'd be where I am today.

Specifically, I never thought I'd be where I am today, in a basement sitting next to a dead spider husk, writing a little blurb on a website I put together. A website that features all my work and photography!

I'm very proud of the breadth of work I've built as 'GumiPoni', the skills I've worked on developing and the tricks I've learned over the years!

This year has been bonkers for all of us. I know it's really tested us.

It isn't lost on me at all how much I owe to this community. The support and kindess shown towards me by you has really kept me going. I promise to keep working hard for all of you. Sending huge hugs and perfectly aimed high-fives to you, sir!



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