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By Bryn Courey

Eel Hydra sketches

Yes, yes, this is a sketch from the past summer, but I just loved how it turned out so much that I wanted to make a whoe post about it! This was one of those 'push me out of my comfort zone' projects. Not only was it a fairly new medium for me (gouache), but I'd never drawn an eel before... let alone one with five heads!

And if you rememebr the eel hydra, you may also remember his strange cousin, Worm Hydra. 

Introducing the REALEST MOST REAL HYDRA: WORM HYDRA! Headed to destroy a major city near you! Prepare yourself for the most FERTILIZED SOIL YOUR SOUL CAN HANDLE! The enemy of Big Fertizer, Worm Hydra puts landscaping companies out of business FOREVER! A terror, but true friend to COMPOST PILES! Only seen when it’s raining!! With only one weakness: DRY SIDEWALKS!!!! Someone please write an origin story for Worm Hydra. Thank you in advance 😂


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