Being a part of this exclusive club rewards you with a brand new, never-before-seen GumiPoni sticker each month! Each monthly sticker is a different and very rare!

  • Sign up for the Sticker of the Month Club on Patreon
  • Click the $3 pledge tier and create your profile on Patreon
  • Gumiponi sticker gifts are shipped on the 10th of each month!
  • You can change your pledge, mailing address, or billing info at anytime at!
  • You can also send me a message if you have a question!

I know you’re going to love receiving monthly sticker gifts in the mail and I’m so happy to see you took the plunge! 

Your monthly pledge on Patreon also gives you a special backstage pass to my exclusive GumiPoni posts! Be sure to read through all the rewards before signing up!

(If you wanted the monthly sticker gift, but not the necessarily updates on whats going on behind the scenes of GumiPoni, you can easily turn those off in your notification preferences)