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Ween Hippoh - Swamp Creature

Ween Hippoh - Swamp Creature

$ 150.00

This is a blind-bag style listing for the "Ween Hippoh - AnglerFish" GumiPoni. 

The hippoh in the image is a representation of a hippoh you may get in your bag! The piece you receive in your surprise box will be this sculpt, but the color will be a complete surprise!
AnglerFish hippohs have transluscent bodies with creepy ribs and glow-in-the-dark lures. 

Read before purchasing:

  • The AnglerFish Hippoh comes in many different different colorways! That's part of the surprise! The photos here are examples, but each Gumi is handmade and will be differently marked
  • There is no limit per person.
  • This offer will be up for a week. 
  • This is a made-to-order style listing. It will take me 8 weeks to complete all Ween Hippohs.

Each gumiponi is a mix of high quality resin and perfectly proportioned magic and pigments.

The end result is a tiny, unique piece of hand-made art.