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Purple Drop Blind-Bag

Purple Drop Blind-Bag

$ 70.00

    This is a blind-bag style listing for the "Purple" Gumis!
    All shades of purple - violet, lilac, plum, magenta, indigo!
    The photos are examples of pieces I've already made, but I have ideas for so many more color combos - The piece you receive in your surprise box will be a complete surprise.

    Read before purchasing:

    All the GumiPonis in this sale will follow this set of rules:

    1. All ponies. No other creatures are included in this blind-bag.
    2. All Gumis will be have something in a shimmery shade of purple! They could be black with purple foil, or lilac with gold foil - But they will all have purple in some way. Some have glitter, some don't, some have gold hooves, some do not. There's a ton of variety in this group!
    3. There are 12 poses available in this sale! Draft, both Cobs (loose mane and braided mane), Lotus, Fae, Lily, Sky, Luna, Athena, Shyloh, Chili, and Aria poses. It's the same pose group, minus Mustang from the Lucky BB (see photo example for poses).
    4. Orders will begin to ship by the end of May.

    Sale Rules!!!

    Sale rules are no fun, but they must be enforced due to material supply shortages:

    1. There is a strict limit of 2 blind-bags per household. If more than 2 bags are going to an address, I will email you and let you know that the extras have to be refunded. 
    2. Absolutely no requests will be accepted. I say this in the warmest way possible - I cannot accept requests and I won't look at them... But I love you <3. 
    3. While I will keep the orders blind, I will make sure that you do not receive two of the same Gumi if you order 2 pieces.