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  • Oil Slick Blind-Bag Extras
  • Oil Slick Blind-Bag Extras
  • Oil Slick Blind-Bag Extras
  • Oil Slick Blind-Bag Extras

Oil Slick Blind-Bag Extras

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    • No requests will be accepted.
    • The sculpt you get is a surprise! There are no guarantees on what sculpts you get. If you get more than one bag, you may get duplicates. 
    • There are a couple ghost-eyed pieces in this group.
    • Some of the oil-slick Gumis may have white spots. Some may have gold hooves. Some may not.
    • Gumis that weren't in the blind-bag are also in this group - like the original sitter, and the original Athena.
    • These are extras from the Blind-Bag earlier this year, so these pieces will ship within the next week :).

    What's Oil Slick mean?
    It just means duo-chrome. Each Gumi has a color shift. Some are beetle green to turquoise, some are a deep sapphire that shifts to a amethyst - kind of how oil has rainbow colorshifts! Some of the Gumis will have the oil-slick effect from head to body, others have it just in the midsection. 
    How many duo-chrome colors are in this sale?
    There are a few different duo-chrome effects in this sale, although they are all very similar. 

    GumiPonis are all about 1.5 inches tall. They are the perfect size to go anywhere with you!

    Each gumiponi is a mix of high quality resin and perfectly proportioned magic and pigments.

    The end result is a tiny, unique piece of hand-made art, durable enough to be taken with you anywhere you go!