The JuiceBox's Juice Box

The JuiceBox's Juice Box

$ 110.00

*JuiceBox's Juice Box orders may take 8 weeks to ship*

100% Salmon Juice is just what you need after a beautiful day spent basking in the sun and a long night of knocking over all your house plants.

The JuiceBox’s Juice Box is the perfect, refreshing beverage for anyone looking to improve their body’s performance and overall health.

It’s probably an excellent source of vitamins and minerals.

4" tall, 2" wide, full of pure, 'not-from-concentrate' goodness. It's PAWSITIVELY delicious.

Puuurrrrfect for a thirsty athlete looking to purrrrrrsue peak puuurrrrformance.

Buy yours MEOW! 

*no limit to how many you'd like to collect*

*Juicebox's Juice Box does not contain actual juice*