Cut from Stone GumiPoni Blind-Bag

Cut from Stone GumiPoni Blind-Bag

$ 65.00

    This is a blind-bag style listing for t he "Cut from Stone" GumiPoni colorways.

    The Gumi in the image is an example of one of the 6 poses you could get in your bag! The piece you receive in your surprise box will be a complete surprise apart from being in the Beach colorway!

    Read before purchasing:

    • The Cut from Stone Gumis come in 6 poses and 4 different colorways! That's part of the surprise! The photos here are examples, but each Gumi is handmade and will be differently marked
    • One blind-bag listing per person for all of Sunday. If any bags are unclaimed by Monday, they'll be available to anyone!
    • There are a set number of listings. The sale ends when the last bag is claimed.

    Four kinds of stone : Rose Quartz, Gold, Marble, and Turquoise
    Six Gumi poses!
    25% chance to get either of the four types of stone.
    1/3 chances of getting a 'foal' pose
    1/3 chances of getting a 'aria' pose
    1/6 chances of getting Chili, Luna, Athena, and the rearing pose which really needs a name!


    GumiPonis are all about 1.5 inches tall. They are the perfect size to go anywhere with you!

    Each gumiponi is a mix of high quality resin and perfectly proportioned magic and pigments.

    The end result is a tiny, unique piece of hand-made art.