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"Mint Strawberry" PeachBoi Set April Fools 2020

"Mint Strawberry" PeachBoi Set April Fools 2020

$ 75.00

This is a made-to-order style listing for the 2020 April Fool's day GumiPoni, "PeachBoi" in the color "Mint Strawberry". It is not a prank.

This listing is for the PeachBoi Set : 1 body, 1 tail pack, 1 poo

Read before purchasing:

  • Peach Bois arrive unassembled, in three parts with one accessory (poo). They are designed to allow customization, but you may glue the pieces together if you prefer!
  • They are hand-cast figurines. I make them all myself, by hand in my studio. 
  • Each Peach Boi is made to order, so allow 6-8 weeks for shipment. 
  • Peach Bois comes in three of colors. 

  • **No color requests/exceptions/swaps are accepted for this sale.** 


What is a Tail Pack?  A tail pack consists of a set of matching tails, one top and one bottom. The tails fit into the buttholes of your Peach Boi. Alternative Tail Packs to customize your Peach Boi can be purchased. You can glue the tails in, or just leave them removable to swap out colors. 

The piece you receive will look as similar to the photo examples as possible, but colors may vary slightly.