"Pink Lemonade Lucky Dip" Grimstones, the Legendary Murdercorn GumiPoni

$ 120.00

  • Product Description

      This listing is for one random Grimstone in the "Pink lemonade" coloring.

      Your piece could be any of these 5 grimstones.

      • 20% chance to get the Lemon yellow Grimstone.

      • 20% chance to get the Tangerine Grimstone.

      • 60% chance to get Pink Grapefruit Grimstone.


      This listing is for 5 different brightly colored Grimstones. They all have hot-pink skeletons, but vary in body colors that range from lemon yellow to hot pink. The pink on pink scheme is super rare, as I learned from this process that it makes it difficult to see the skeleton. I won't make more like this.


      They're priced lower because they were tests for a more bright, tropical version of Grimstone last fall. I chose to stick to darker colorschemes as I didn't think these turned out as effective as I'd hoped. That being said, I've found that a lot of times theres someone out there that really loves work I don't personally find successful. So instead of pitching them, they're here!

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