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Nebula Puff (2) Shadow Creature GumiPoni

Nebula Puff (2) Shadow Creature GumiPoni

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Shadow Creatures are chonky lil babies from the dream world.

Both Gus and Uno must wear masks imbued with magical properties that transform their dream-forms into physical bodies. Without their masks, Gus and Uno sink back into the dream world. As far as we are aware, Gus and Uno live in our realm in hiding.

Puff is the most gregarious of the three Shadowlings. He's meant to be Gus and Uno's overseer, but he's not the most responsible.
Puff once told us he had a girlfriend. But really, he'd just found a severed foot that he was calling Janet.
Uno and Gus often have to bail Puff out of jail. Forest jail.
And he just says, 'see ya, Greg'.
Greg's the jailor. Greg hates Puff.
There was one day where Puff ate a whole beehive and we all thought he was going to die. But he just burped up a bunch of bees! And we found out that's just something he does...he just eats bees.

Each gumiponi is a mix of high quality resin and perfectly proportioned magic and pigments. I spend hours and hours working to make these cuties for you, so I hope you think these handmade characters are super duper cool!

Remember: GumiPonis are all made by hand (by me) in my home studio! Because Gumis are completely handmade from start to finish, there may be slight imperfections.  Small bubbles or seams are practically unavoidable with handmade work. 

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