Magenta and Gold Hippoh

$ 125.00

  • Product Description

      This Hippoh has bright, orange and pink scales and a magenta throat. She has gold details on her fins with a white light that divides her fish body between dark and bright scales.

      Hippohs are friendly reverse Hippocampus creatures who just frickin love to eat tacos. If you decide to bring a Hippoh into your home, please keep in mind that Hippohs can be very shy at first. They're a bit introverted and they sunburn EXTREMELY easily. So lather them in sunscreen if you let them outside for activities. The only sport they're any good at is ninja warrior, but I'm pretty sure they just like the show and they've been lying to me. 

      • Hippoh is a hand-painted, hand-cast figurine in my home studio!
      • He is approximately 2.5 inches tall and pretty chunky.


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