Silvery Hippoh Fry

Silvery Hippoh Fry

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Hippoh's are larger than regular GumiPonis, but this is a Hippoh Fry! A baby Hippoh!

Hippoh Fry are about the size of the average GumiPoni - about 1.5" tall. 
They are part fish, part horse, full fabulosity! They love tacos, sunburn easily, and prefer to have control of your remote.
Collect Hippohs at your own risk. They're weird guys :).
Each fry is fully handmade and handpainted.
Each gumiponi is a mix of high quality resin and perfectly proportioned magic and pigments. I spend hours and hours working to make these cuties for you, so I hope you think these handmade characters are super duper cool!

Remember: GumiPonis are all made by hand, individually, by me! Because Gumis are handmade, there may be slight imperfections, like small bubbles or seams. It's nearly unavoidable with handmade work.

Thanks, buddies!! PLEASE SHARE PICS WITH ME WHEN THEY ARRIVE on Instagram or Facebook!