Sale Help!

We’re having a Newbie Exclusive Sale! 

Sunday • 2pm EST •

I know it can be tough to get a Gumi, so I try to have a Newbie Sale at least once a year to introduce people to GumiPoni! Please read over the sale rules below before participating - and at the bottom I have tips for buying a Gumi!

Newbie Exclusive Sale rules:

  1. This sale is specifically for people who have never purchased from me before! As long as you haven’t purchased sculptural artwork from me in my shop, you’re allowed to participate. Do not break this rule.
  2. One piece per person. This is to slow sales down and allow more people to get a Gumi in each sale. It’s a rule requested by customers and it’s really seemed to help so we’re sticking to it!
  3. The pieces in my shop will be reserved for people new to GumiPoni from 2pm-3pm EST. At 3pm, I’ll remove all Gumis from the shop to reupload at 4pm for ALL OTHER COLLECTORS. This includes people who purchased their first Gumi during the Newbie Sale.
  4. Please refrain from buying for other people in this sale. This is a really rare sale type - we only have one or maybe two a year. Please only buy for yourself. It’s okay if the sale is super slow or doesn’t sell out. That’s the point of the Newbie sale - to allow people who struggle in normal sales a chance :).  And all left over pieces will be available at 4pm!



    Tips for buying in a Gumi sale:

    1. Be online BEFORE the sale begins. The sales go quick, so make sure you're on the GumiPoni website just before the sale goes live.

    2. Log into your account before the sale. If you don't have an account, consider making one! They're free! You can save your mailing address to make checking out easier.

    3. All the Gumis will say “COMING SOON”. This tag will change to “Add to Cart” when the sale goes live.

    4. Find the Gumi that you like most (keep in mind a second choice) and open the listing page. Refresh this page exactly when the sale goes live. When the button says, “Add to Cart”, proceed to check out!


    Additional tips:

    TIP #1: Refresh, Refresh, Refresh
    The website won’t live update, so you need to refresh the webpage to update the listing. 

    TIP #2: I’ve heard from other members that checking out with your credit card is faster than Paypal. I’m not 100% if that’s true or not.

    TIP #3: If the sale is particularly large, make sure you check the ALL PRODUCTS page instead of the homepage! The homepage has a limit for the amount of product listings it can show - so make sure you’re checking out the ALL PRODUCTS page to see everything that’s available!

    TIP #4: If someone else is also trying to buy the same Gumi as you and they check out faster, you’ll get a notification that says there’s an inventory issue in your cart and the Gumi is no longer avilable. That means someone bought it before you could - you’ll have to try for another Gumi.
    If you have any other questions, please email me -
    Sending love and hugs!!!  - B

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