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Sale date: Sunday 6/6 6pm EST






 What is a blind-bag sale?

When you buy a blind-bag listing, you are guaranteed to receive a GumiPoni figurine, but the particular Gumi you get is a total surprise! Similar to collecting trading cards, you will know the theme and set of Gumis available, but you won’t  know exactly which one you've got until you open the package!


The theme for this blind-bag sale is St. Patrick’s Day Gold and Green!


All the GumiPonis in this sale will follow this set of rules:

  1. All ponies. No unicorns or other creatures are included in this blind-bag.
  2. All Gumis will be have something shimmery green or gold! They could be black with green foil, or green with gold foil - green on green, or green on chestnut! But they will all have green in some way.
  3. There are 13 poses available in this sale! I’ve listed all the available characters below!


Sale Rules!!!

Sale rules are no fun, but they must be enforced due to supply shortages.

  1. There is a strict limit of 2 blind-bags per household. If more than 2 bags are going to an address, I will email you and let you know that the extras have to be refunded.
  2. No requests will be accepted. I’m serious - don’t even leave order notes, I won’t look at them. Haha - I read that back and it sounds sooooo rude. I say this in the warmest way possible - I cannot accept requests. But I love you <3
  3. While I will keep the orders blind, I will make sure that you do not receive two of the same Gumi if you order 2 pieces.



I just ordered, how long will it take to get my Gumi?

Blind-bag sales are kind of like pre-orders. When you place your order, I begin working to make you surprise GumiPoni! How long this takes is completely dependant on the type of Blind-bag I’m working on - for this sale, I’m anticipating a 4 week turn around.

If there are any delays, I’ll alert you on social media.


GumiPonis included in this Blind-Bag

There are 13 possible Gumi characters you could receive in any number of fun, bright green colorways!


Braided Cob









Loose-Mane Cob







I am genuinely enjoying making these foiled Gumi colorways and I don’t want to limit myself too much on the color story. I know I’m asking for a lot when I say that these photo examples are ‘loose’ demos of what you could get in your bag - but I do want to keep the door open for experimental ‘lucky’ colorways! It makes this so much fun for me and keeps me free of burn out.

I’d like to make a couple Gumis that are fully gilded, or at least mostly gilded, for example, and I haven’t had the time to experiment with that, yet.

Thank you so much for supporting my art! You are absolute magic to me and I love you!

  • Hugs!!! :-D BRYN