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Cut from Stone Gumis

So you received:

GOLD GumiPoni

Gold Gumis are revered by the most magical creatures of the Gumi universe. Gold Gumis are keepers of memories. They value history and power and passion, but above all, fairness and truth.

If a Gold Gumi chose you, you must be someone with honor and integrity. Gold gumis choose people who are trustworthy and kind. It's thought that if kept close Gold Gumis protect it's owner from dishonesty.





Marble Gumis are thought to improve mental and physical stability. Just like the pillars of a building, Marble Gumis add structure to your life. Lose your Marble Gumi, however, and you're in for a rough ride. Don't lose your marbles.

If a Marble GumiPoni chose you, keep it close when you need to make a tough choice. If you're feeling uncertain, your Marble Gumi may boost your mental clarity.



Rose Quartz Gumis are extremely powerful. They are regarded as some of the more powerful Gumis in the Gumi Universe. Part of what makes them so powerful is their ability to absorb negative energy from their surroundings, leaving serentity behind.

If a Rose Quartz Gumi chose you, put it somewhere in your space where you often work or make tough decisions. It will work on eliminating stress from your home and look cute while doing it. 



Turquoise Gumis are a friendly bunch, but very rare. Turquoise Gumis improve relationships, add lightness to heavy situations, and are a reminder to stay positive even when faced with tough moments in life. 

If Turquoise GumiPoni chose you, you have the rarest Gumi of this collectino. You must be a cool person. Keep your Turquoise Gumi near when you need to relax or calm down after a tough day.


Gumis in this blind-bag


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