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By Bryn Courey

Changes to the Sticker Club after 6 YEARS

Hello my beautiful, sassy, sweet buddy-ole pals!

I wanna talk about the Sticker of the Month club and some changes I want to make starting in January 2021. 

For a little backstory: I started the Sticker Club in January 2015 as a promotion for my 'then' brand new Patreon account. If you guys remember, I had a few reward tiers on Patreon. They worked like a monthly subscription, each month you'd pay the tier price and you'd get a sticker shipped to your door, in addition to access to all my special patreon posts. 

It's no secret that I've got mad beef with Patreon as a platform for small artists and creators. I moved my sticker club here, to my website, a couple of years ago and it's been all gummy worms and white pizza ever since! (which means, good). 

So at this point, I've made and shipped 70 GumiPoni stickers! That's 70 different designs! 

 Each fall, I prepare new sticker designs for the upcoming year. This year, I've decided that we've had enough months of just ponies and in 2021, we'll start seeing other designs like jackalopes, dinos, and more! 

Over the years, we've had a couple different polls in the GumiPoni Friends group about this. Specifically, we had polls about whether or not we should open the designs up to more than 'just ponies'. 

I do believe that after 6 years and 70 designs, it's okay to throw a different lil guy in there from time to time! It will still be majority ponies, but with some new friends, too!

I'm really excited about this new year! 


Here's a little sketch of one of the upcoming stickers for some month in 2021 to hype this new change a bit!

Thanks for the past 6 years of Gumi Sticker Club!!! This next year is going to be fun! Let me know if there's anything you'd love to see coming up!



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