Large Blush Grumpicorn

$ 250.00

  • Product Description

      Large Grumpicorns are a unique piece of hand-made art. They are all made by hand, from start to finish, by me in my studio! The large Grumpicorns take 4x the amount of resin to cast - they are huge behemoths that stand nearly a full inch over their smaller Gumi peers. 

      *Because Gumis are handmade, so there may be slight imperfections, like small bubbles or seams. It's nearly unavoidable with handmade work.

      Each GumiPoni is a mix of high quality resin and perfectly proportioned magic and pigments. They are fairly durable, however, they are meant to be used as art toys.

      Thanks, buddies!! PLEASE SHARE PICS WITH ME WHEN THEY ARRIVE on Instagram or Facebook!