Coelacanth Magnet Blind-Bag

Coelacanth Magnet Blind-Bag

$ 45.00

$ 65.00

    This is a blind-bag style listing for the Coelacanth Magnet GumiPoni.

    Read before purchasing:

    What is a "fantasy" colored Coelacanth? Anything colorful, glittery, or unusual.
    What is a "natural" colored Coelacanth? If you selected this, you'll get a grey, slate blue, or black colored Coelacanth. It may or may not have gold or white scales.


  • Coelacanth magnets are hand-painted relief sculptures with two strong magnets on the back.
  • This is a made-to-order style listing. Please allow 8 weeks for me to create all the pieces and then I'll ship all orders at the same time.